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    It was such a wonderful feeling when I slept in linen for the first time many years ago in France. The thought of being able to surround myself with such beautiful fabrics and share them with others wouldn’t leave me. I knew that I wanted to create my own range of linens fulfilling my passion for beautiful materials, design and colours.

    A trip to Portugal’s heart of textile manufacturing convinced me to pursue my dream. It all began with bed and table linen and soon extended to our highest quality terry towels and finest plaids. That is how The Linen Company was born.

    The Linen Company has a passion for beautiful premium quality linens. Every single product is tested before it’s crafted for you. Our products are made of the finest raw materials, produced to high ethical and environmental standards. Today, I am pleased and proud to share my passion with you!

    Designed with love – Produced with pride

    The Linen Company by Monika Gilgen