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    For the best possible quality we work with pure European flax solely. All our linen fabrics are made exclusively for The Linen Company. 100% quality from finest raw materials.

    Our family-run manufacturer in the North of Portugal has been weaving and producing linen products for nearly 100 years on Swiss weaving machines from Sulzer Rüti. The flax for our linen fabrics comes from fields in Normandy, France.

    Currently, there is a lot of talk about sustainability and ecology. It is often forgotten that there are products that are naturally sustainable and ecological. Flax cultivated in Europe is considered the best in the world and pure European linen scores very highly on ecological factors. Flax is a natural product that does not require irrigation during growth, and needs little or no chemical treatment. All parts of the plant are used, so there is no waste. Flax is a precious and rare product which represents less than 1% of all textile fibers consumed worldwide. Linen fabric is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

    Bath Linen
    Abyss & Habidecor produces the finest terry towels, bath mats and bathrobes in 60 solid colours and stunning patterns. The best cotton in the world, Extra Long Staple Giza cotton is used exclusively for towels and bathrobes.  The cotton grows on the banks of the river Nile, is picked by hand and spun into yarn of exceptional quality. The result is a product that is hard to beat in terms of softness, absorbency, durability and elegance.

    With Abyss & Habidecor we have found a partner who shares our high ethical and quality standards. Founded in Portugal in 1977 the family business is an important employer in Viseu. More than half of the employees have been working for the company for over 25 years and are constantly passing on their know-how to the younger generation.

    Yak Throws
    Yak is the Tibetan name for these impressive cattle living in the plateaus of Central Asia (Nepal, Mongolia, Tibet). Yaks have a multi-layered coat to be prepared for large temperature differences. The wool for our throws is combed from the long, silky flank fur of the yak and spun to a fine wool thread.

    Woven in Nepal from finest yak wool these throws are as soft and luxurious as cashmere. Each piece is hand loomed and hand woven by experienced woman weavers and unique with its ombrey colouring and lovely finishing details.


    Our linen qualities can be washed at 60 degrees. Turn your bedlinen on the inside and close buttons and zippers. Separate whites from colours and make sure colours are not treated with products containing bleach. We suggest the use of liquid soap for example from sonett and recommend not using fabric softeners as these will affect the breathability of the linen. Letting your laundry line dry is the most environmentally friendly and natural way there is. You need to save time or like your linen to be extra soft? Our linen products can be tumble-dried. It is best to remove your linen while still damp, shake it up and let it dry. Whether you are ironing your linen or prefer the natural look is entirely up to you.