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    La vie en rose

    02. May 2022

    Brighten up your bedroom with our beautiful linen pillows in subtle colors.

    Leinenkissen auswählen

    Spring has arrived

    22. March 2022

    Trend report – home textiles spring/summer 2022

    Soft Colours
    Muted colours in combination with puristic linen. High-quality duvet covers, plaids and cusion covers – each piece a unique creation.

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    A fresh start

    07. January 2022

    Start the new year with ease. It’s good to reorganise, to re-start. What color would be better than white? A blank sheet. The non-color that shines and can be combined with any other shade.

    Let your skin breathe in soft linen.

    We wish you a good start!

    Discover Sublime bedlinen

    Metermagazin - Das 21. Törli im Adventskalender

    21. December 2021

    Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

    Leinenplaid in Blau im Wert von CHF 329.– von The Linen Company

    Was gibt es Schöneres, als sich an einem verschneiten Sonntag ins Bett einzukuscheln, eine Tasse heisse Schokolade zu trinken und ein Buch zu lesen? Das Leinenplaid von The Linen Company ist der perfekte Begleiter für gemütliche Wintertage – ganz egal ob als Leintuch, Bettüberwurf oder Sofadecke. Die natürlichen Leinenfasern sind nämlich atmungsaktiv und helfen, die Körpertemperatur zu regulieren. So sorgt es für kuschelige Wärme im Winter und wirkt angenehm kühlend im Sommer. Die Leinenkreationen von The Linen Company sind ausserdem aus rein europäischen Rohstoffen liebevoll von Hand gefertigt und vorgewaschen. Freuen Sie sich auf ein ökologisches und pflegeleichtes Produkt, das mit jeder Wäsche noch schöner wird! Dimensionen:  240x240cm.

    Soll das Leinenplaid bald Ihr Zuhause schmücken? Dann nehmen Sie hier an unserem Adventskalender teil.

    Viel Glück!

    Jetzt teilnehmen und gewinnen

    Sleeping on cloud 7

    03. December 2021

    The hand crafted Swiss stone pine beds from our friends raïna are made entirely without metal parts.

    The bed is dressed in our linen from the Classic collection in the colors blue, midnight blue and taupe.

    A dreamlike combination for a healthy and restful sleep.

    The magic of natural white yak wool

    05. November 2021

    Our new yak throws have arrived!

    This time it was worth the wait twice. Beautiful new creations are awaiting you! We had the extremely rare opportunity to find a small amount of natural white yak wool. As always, our yak throws are only available in small quantities of 2 to 3 pieces.

    It was not easy to capture the beauty of these lovingly made throws through the camera lens. We hope we succeeded in conveying the magic of these handmade creations.

    Colours are something very personal and often need to be seen in their own environment. Also, every screen represents colors differently. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

    All novelties at a glance

    raïna - The Queen of the Alps

    10. October 2021
    Today, we would like to introduce you to raïna. Our friends from raïna manufacture furniture made from Swiss stone pine. Unconventional, puristic, sensual and authentic.
    In the small mountain village of Fuldera in Val Müstair everything is handmade. Sustainable, regional and made to order.

    raïna is the Rhaeto-Romanic word for queen. The Swiss stone pine, queen of the alps.
    The product picture was taken by Jonas Kuhn

    Get to know raïna (in German only)

    Golden sunlight

    06. October 2021

    It is the time of the year where days are getting shorter. Every ray of sunlight is being soked up. Surround yourself with soft linen plaids and pillows. Switch off your phone and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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    Stay cool buy linen

    29. July 2021

    You feel that even the lightest duvet keeps you too warm? Our linen plaids Sublime and Classic are the perfect choice for hot summer nights.

    Let your skin and senses breathe and celebrate the summer with the simple beauty of pure European linen.

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    Midnight Blue

    18. April 2021

    The time has come, midnight blue is back!

    We received so many requests, we simply had to react.

    The elegant bed linen and table linen are now available in our Classic collection.

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    Natural colours

    10. March 2021

    Earthy shades of green spread a pleasant and calming effect in the home. Das Ideale Heim and Meter Magazin present their favourite home accessories.

    Take me to the Instagram post

    7 tips for better sleep

    09. March 2021

    Claudia Furger from NZZ Bellevue has looked into the topic of sleep and researched 7 tips for a better sleep.

    Many thanks for mentioning our bedlinen. Your sleep is our passion!

    Read the article (in German only)

    Linen bedding in fresh colours

    04. February 2021

    Allow bright colours to freshen up dark nights.

    The combination of sage and white brings harmony and a fresh touch to your bedroom.

    We wish you good night and a happy morning.

    Sage & White

    Cosy Yak Throws

    03. January 2021

    Our latest collection of yak throws has arrived! Magical colour combinations await you in our shop. Pamper yourself and your loved ones with a feather-light and warm throw.

    Each piece is unique. Hand woven and coloured with a lovely pompom finishing. The fine throws are the perfect companion in every season. Be it as a stylish poncho, for cozy moments or as a decorative bedspread. You won’t want to miss your yak throw anymore.

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    Finest terry towels

    10. September 2020

    Finding high quality terry products can be a challenge. The Portugues-Belgian family owned company Abyss & Habidecor has dedicated itself to terry towels and bath mats for decades. Only the finest Egyptian cotton is used for the uniquely soft and absorbant towels and bath mats. Choose your favourite shades from up to 60 colors.

    With so many colors you are having difficulties making a choice? We are happy to visit you with our samples or send you a selection of colors and qualities to choose from.

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    Sublime - finest linen

    26. May 2020

    Sublime, our light weight linen with only 140g/m2. A wonderfully soft and breathable fabric. Order your free fabric samples now and choose in the privacy of your home.

    Order Fabric Samples

    Bye bye dark grey

    04. May 2020

    It’s time to make space for new creations! We are saying goodbye to the bedlinen color dark grey from our Classic collection.

    Benefit from 50% off pillow cases and duvet covers in dark grey.

    Pillow cases with buttons on sale

    04. May 2020

    Don’t miss the opportunity! All pillow cases with mother of pearl buttons from our Classic collection are currently on sale. Get 50% off on your purchase.

    Offer valid only for pillow cases with buttons mother of pearl and as long as stock lasts.

    Gift voucher

    09. March 2019

    Are you looking for a beautiful and sustainable present?

    Order a gift voucher in our shop and give the receiver the possibility to choose her or his favourite products. Simply select the amount for your voucher and order online.

    We will send you the carefully designed voucher as a PDF document by e-mail. Giving you the choice whether to print the voucher or forward it as an electronic gift.

    The joy of giving

    Hauser Living Christmas Market

    24. November 2019

    The end of the year highlight is Hauser Living’s Christmas Market in Freienbach SZ. For two days the stylish outdoor furniture exhibition turns into a charming Christmas Market. Don’t miss the event and join us for some culinary delights and lovely Christmas atmosphere.

    Monika Gilgen will be personally present on 29 and 30 November together with the sleeping specialists from Bettgeschichten.

    Concept pop-up

    08. November 2019

    From 5 November to 21 Dezember 2019 a fine selection of our linen products is presented at the Ameia Concept Pop-up in Erlenbach, Seestrasse 71.

    «Globally inspired, locally desired». With the concept pop-up Ameia creates a lively destination where you can find creative Swiss design and selected international brands. Relax in style, use the co-working space or join one of the many events including yoga classes.

    See you soon at Ameia Concept Pop-up!

    Invitation to the "open house"

    18. September 2019

    Our partner and retail specialist Bettgeschichten is delighted to invite you to the “Open House“ of the newly designed premises.

    Get professional advice from Monika Gilgen, designer and owner of The Linen Company, Christoph Häusermann from Schramm Werkstätten and the competent sleeping specialists from Bettgeschichten.

    Saturday, 5th October 2019
    10:00 to 17:00
    Claridenstrasse 41, 8002 Zürich

    Join us to celebrate a new chapter of Zurich’s finest sleep boutique Bettgeschichten. Get inspired by high end sleeping concepts presented in an inspiring atmosphere.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to win an exclusive bed linen set from The Linen Company.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you!

    A gift of mother nature

    06. September 2019

    Currently, there is a lot of talk about sustainability and ecology. It is often forgotten that there are products that are naturally sustainable and ecological. Flax cultivated in Europe is considered the best in the world and pure European linen scores very highly on ecological factors. Flax is a natural product that does not require irrigation during growth, and needs little or no chemical treatment. All parts of the plant are used, so there is no waste. Linen fabric is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

    For the best possible quality, we work solely with pure European flax and have all linen fabrics made exclusively for us. 100% quality from finest raw materials.

    Bed linen made of pure linen

    Sleeping in pure linen

    17. July 2019

    Pure and plain white. There is no other bedding colour that is cleaner, brighter and easier to care than white. In our collection Sublime we call it “Blanc”. Discover the hand crafted bed linen from The Linen Company. Sleeping in pure European linen was never more beautiful!

    Discover Sublime bed linen

    Cooling bed linen for a better sleep

    02. July 2019

    Our new collection Sage & Thyme in the press. Thank you NZZ Bellevue for featuring The Linen Company!

    Read the article in German

    Lovely table linen

    03. June 2019

    Sublime, our beautifully smooth and refined table linen seduces with its subtle texture and soft handle. Your favourite light weight and airy linen bedding is now also available as napkins, place mats and table runners. Let the fabric to the talking and give your table an elegant summer look.

    Discover new table linen

    Dress your table in midnight blue

    08. April 2019

    Give yourself and your guest a treat with our fine table linen. Now available in limited quantities: midnight blue napkins and place mats. As long as stock lasts. Of course there are many more colours suitable for every mood and every occasion.

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    Sage & Thyme

    22. March 2019
    Do you have a favourit colour? Mine is Green. In all different kinds of shades and preferably in fine European linen.

    New in: Delicate Sage and rich Thyme just joined our linen collection. Transform your bedroom into an oasis of well-being and look forward to coming home every night. Sage and Thyme make a stunning combination with your existing pieces and other colours.

    Good news for the lovers of table linen. Sage and Thyme are also available as lovely napkins, place mats and table runners!
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    A new delivery is on the way from Nepal

    04. February 2019

    Only a few more days and our new delivery of Yak throws arrives! You want to know which colours we get? Send us an e-mail or give us call +41 44 390 30 33. We are happy to answer your questions!

    Must have gifts for this season

    06. November 2018

    NZZ Bellevue recommends our Yak throws as a gift idea and must have for this season

    Thank you!

    Read the article in German

    Das Ideale Heim - Oktober 2018

    07. October 2018

    Das Ideale Heim – Oktober 2018, page 85
    Sleep Special

    Bed linen from the Swiss atelier offers the best conditions for a restful sleep. Linen, the natural fiber that breathes and helps regulate the body temperature. Comfortably cooling in summer, cuddly warm in winter. The bed linen is made of pure European linen.

    Yak throws from Nepal

    01. October 2018

    Just in time for the cooler season new yak throws arrived! Our yak throws are hand-loomed using the world’s finest yak fibre sourced from the Nomadic herders in Nepal, Mongolia and Tibet. Hand spun by women weavers in Nepal, these beautiful throws are timeless and will be a stunning addition to any interior and wardrobe.

    Many of our customers wear their yak throw as a poncho or scarf. Accordingly, you will find various colour combinations that can be wonderfully combined with your wardrobe.

    Choose your yak throw

    Invitation to the Summer Event in Zurich on June 7 & 8, 2018

    22. May 2018
    Read the invitation (in German only)

    Finest towels and bath rugs

    02. April 2018

    Abyss & Habidecor is a family business that has blossomed to a high-end international manufacturer recognized across the globe. Abyss towels and Habidecor bath rugs are produced utilizing only the finest raw materials.

    All products are woven in Portugal with special attention to skin compatibility and environmental friendliness. Thanks to the high-quality coloring on the finished product, they are particularly colorfast and pre-shrunk. Abyss Super Pile towels are known for their outstanding quality. In 2007, the renowned Wall Street Journal chose Super Pile as the best and most luxurious terry towel. No other manufacturer has reclaimed the title since.

    Take me to Abyss & Habidecor

    Yak Plaids from Nepal

    30. August 2018

    Yak is the Tibetan name for these impressive cattle living in the plateaus of Central Asia (Nepal, Mongolia, Tibet). A grown up yak can measure over 3 meters  and has a multilayered coat to be prepared for large temperature differences. The wool for our plaids is combed from the long, silky flank fur of the yak and spun to a fine wool thread.

    Woven in Nepal from finest yak wool these plaids are as soft and luxurious as cashmere. Each piece is handmade and unique with its ombrey colouring and lovely pompom finishing. The light and warm plaids are an ideal companion all year around. Be it a cool summer evening, a cozy Sunday afternoon on the sofa or as a bedspread. You will not want to miss your yak plaid anymore.

    Shop yak plaids

    Happy Easter

    28. March 2018

    We wish you a wonderful Easter time with your loved ones!

    NZZ Bellevue

    12. March 2018

    Beautiful textiles for your bedroom (in German only)

    Read NZZ article

    Limited Edition - Midnight Blue

    02. March 2018

    Bed linen in an intense dark blue that becomes even more beautiful over time with its wonderful vintage effect.

    Stay cool – Buy linen

    12. January 2018

    Nothing compares to pure linen when it comes to the right sleeping climate. Over-heated bedrooms or hot summer nights can be quite a challenge. Let your body breath. Good night in bed linen made of pure European flax.

    Take me to linen bedding

    The Linen Company at
    modissa Zürich

    14. December 2017

    Last November, modissa on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich transformed into a colorful market. Together with exciting brands, the journal annabelle and the publishing house Kein & Aber, we presented our linen creations.

    NZZ Bellevue

    05. September 2017

    Thank you, NZZ Bellevue for the lovely portrait (in German only) about the bed linen from The Linen Company and 4 other Swiss brands that produce fine products with heart and soul.

    Read NZZ Article

    Interview with Monika Gilgen

    16. August 2017
    Read Interview


    18. July 2017

    LandLiebe discovered our lovely bed linen. Thank you for featuring The Linen Company!

    Read Article

    Wohnrevue - Sommernachtstraum

    18. July 2017

    Our new bed linen collection Sublime in Wohnrevue.

    Read Article

    Macherin bei modissa

    17. September 2017

    modissa on Bahnhofstrasse 74 in Zurich invites you to a world of style and beauty. Thank you for giving us this beautiful platform to exhibit our table linen and bed linen!

    Read the interview with Monika Gilgen, founder and owner of The Linen Company, in the modissa Magazin on page 19 (in German only).

    Beitrag lesen


    19. June 2017